Characters. The following are all real people who actually existed. Only the facts have been changed to protect the guilty.

Most are likely to be dangerous (& probably smelly) & should not be approached.


>Mark Francis;

Jarkman to the Canting Crew. Lives in Paddington with wife, son & psychotic dog.

He has previously worked in Social Services with some of the most crazed & disturbed citizens of London and that was only the Management.

Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey 1621- 1678

Westminster Magistrate; born into a large Kentish squire family. Trained as a lawyer but did not practice due to hardness of hearing. Became a wood & coalmonger and J.P. in 1660. Knighted for his bravery during the Great Plague of 1665. Imprisoned for suing the King's Physician & released after a hunger strike. Member of the republican "Peyton Gang". Found dead in a ditch wih his neck broken & impaled upon a sword at Primrose Hill 1678

> Ali Francis ; 

(Young person) I.T. Consultant to the Canting Crew

The Canting Crew

Generic term for the criminal & vagabond underworld. They had their own coded language known as "The Canting Speech" or "Pedlar's French" or "The Slang". A Tudor J.P. called Harman ranked them in 23 "orders" -such as Jarkman (writer of forged documents), whipjack, rufflers and maunder-morts.

John Thurloe

Oliver Cromwell's spy chief. He was arrested under Charles II but blackmailed his way to freedom. He worked as a "consultant" to his successors.

Sir John Williamson

was the deputy head of the Department of Intelligence after Thurloe, but effectively ran the department until he was kicked out as a result of Godfrey's death in 1678

Thomas Violet

Gold smuggler, informant, economic advisor, anti-semite. A complete bastard.

Thomas Venner

Fanatical leader of the 5th Monarchists

< Godfrey escapes over the roofs of London Bridge (The Monkey Duchess)

Aniseed Robin

Transvestite gin salesman near St. Pauls. Had extensive underworld connections with

Mary Frith "Cutpurse Moll"

female transvestite, pimp and gangster

General Monck, Duke of Albemarle

Head of the Army & Navy. Former cavalier turned roundhead, turned cavalier. The real boss of the country.

Duchess of Albemarle

The real boss of the Duke, formerly his washerwoman. AKA "Dirty Nan".

Dr. Thomas Clarges

Brother of "Dirty Nan" who obtained him the post of Cromwell's physician - although a staunch royalist. May have poisoned him.

Mary Carleton

"The German Princess" - conartist, bigamist & thief. Starred in a play as herself.

William Prynne

Puritan & lawyer, theatre critic. Branded on the face & ears cut off (twice?). Became MP & Keeper of the Records at the Tower. Prosecuted the Archbishop of Canterbury for treason (who was found innocent but beheaded anyway).

< Godfrey confronts the clockwork menace.

Major Cane

Royalist war hero. Involved in a plot against Cromwell in 1658

Colonel Whitford

Royalist assassin who led the gang that killed Isaac Dorislaus.

Professor Robert Hooke

Professional Genius

Matthew Hadfield, The Shag-Haired Wizard of Pepper Lane ;            

Soothsayer, fortune-teller, charlatan, dealer in stolen property

Maggie Finch;

Queen of the Gypsies

Nicolo Egidio ;  

Professional international poisoner by Royal Appointment

Reverend Elias Juxon ;

Vicar of Sellinge

Sir Charles Sedley; 

Playwright & upper class yob. Convicted of causing a riot by flashing his manhood & drinking piss in front of a mob at Oxford Kate's. Later became Speaker of the House of Commons. Leader of "The Merry Gang".

Professor John Wallis;

Code breaker & mathematician

Colonel John Scott; 

A cad & a bounder. May have murdered Edmund Godfrey.

Reginald Scott

Sceptic & anti-witch hunt campaigner

Jonathan Stearn; 


Miles Prance;

Silversmith near Somerset House

Oxford Kate;

Landlady of the in-aptly named "Cock Inn" in Bow Street

Dr. Skillard;

Performed the autopsy on Edmund Godfrey in 1678

Guillermo d'Agida;

Taught Mary Carleton Italian

John Milton

Poet, republican, ex-Foreign Minister




















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